Friday, January 9, 2015

Day 9 - "Vaseline ain't a Condiment"

It's gotten Plain ridiculous now.

It's 5:01 a.m and  I'm sleeping on the smallest end of a queen-sized  bed,  while Elvis & June Carter, warmly tucked under their cow blankets, are occupying 80% of the  prime available real estate , (and eyeing the other 20% like they're preparing for a hostile takeover).

Oh well, might as well get that coffee I.V. running and jump start myself into lucidity.

I keep my Ipad close to the bed just in case  there's an important Facebook post from one of my wacked- out  cool friends in the middle of the night that I just have to comment on. (I;m a media maven).  This morning in the wee hours, right after we all wee-ed, I grabbed my trusty Ipad  and happen-stanced upon the morning news via CNN.

  "France shootings"  It sobered me into lucidity to once again be reminded of how far humanity has to go. I hurt for those people the same way I do for people here who suffer so tragically and needlessly over stupid-assed conflicts concerning religious  ideals and money.

Excuse me for a moment while I go full on redneck briefly: I denounce torture and the use of it - but these Al-Quaeda pieces of shit?  Use their nutsack for a pin-cushion,  and then throw them shaved and perfumed  in solitary with  the biggest-meanest homo-sexual predators that SuperMax Prison in Marion, Illinois  has to offer. That's not torture - it's taking out the garbage.

I'm in a mood today,  and  I'm going to say some things  that  I'm nearly certain will have some folks picturing my demise in graphic fashion.  Do me a favor and see the read through to the end.  I promise I'll get you back to the barn with your drawers on.
It looks to me like ISIS, Al-Quaeda, Taliban,  all seem to be vying for the voice of Islam while the rest of Islam hangs out and watches. Grow yourselves a set my turbaned brothers.

 If the Muslim religion is so damn cool why aren't  Muslims themselves, world-wide, doing something  about these crazy terrorist  fucks causing all this bloodshed and terror in the name of Allah. To sit idly by and watch is still culpability.

 I was, and remain ,  a huge fan of Malcolm X.  He came to some pretty profound truths  on his way to completely denouncing violence and bloodshed  as pure evil - of no redeeming function in any religion or practice. Back then the Nation of Islam was so proud of their self-policing and self-regulating. They still gunned Malcolm down like a dog because he spoke the truth in a language they didn't want to hear.

 My question today is , again, 'Where the hell are these good and peaceful harmony loving Muslims that we hear about so often, and why the hell aren't they doing something about the vile sub-human murderers among them. If Islam wants the respect and cooperation of rest of the world they need to conduct themselves accordingly .  I call bullshit...  If Muslims  want a better public image - do something about yourselves.
It's the same way I feel about the police problems so front and center in the US right now.  There are astronomically more good, honest, decent cops out there than bad ones, but if police want a better image among the public they need to do something about the jack-ups with-in their ranks. Police themselves better.

 It is not necessary to wait until an under-qualified, under-trained, over-weaponized, overworked, and/or unstable half-wit  creates more problems and more danger for themselves and the communities they're hired to serve. For a myriad of reasons: If police in America  want a better public image - do something about yourselves.

12,000+ gun deaths annually in America in 2013? Finland had like 12. Japan -under 20?  Gun people quit being such huge vaginas - Is there anybody at all in the NRA with actual conscience and a backbone?

  America has suffered 61 mass shootings  and 297 people killed in school shootings
in the US, since Columbine High School 15 years ago. The NRA and gun-owner response has been overwhelmingly bitchy and childish.
"It's not our problem", and "keep your shit-hooks off my Semi-auto/150-round UZI that I keep for target shooting and hunting squirrels. " VAGINAS!!! (This hurts me - I don't mean to give vaginas a bad name)

I am a gun person.  I grew up with them and I still like to shoot.  I also am acutely aware, as are my sons, that these are NOT toys.  If I thought for a minute that my gun was going to cost anyone their life-through my carelessness or anyone elses- then as an adult, there's only one smart choice. It's gone.

Sanity would dictate that we take any and all measures necessary  to insure that not one more child dies needlessly. Anyone with the gall to call that a untenable sacrifice is purely , assininely selfish.  Murderously so.

Guns are big  money and there are tons of them out there. There was only one Victoria Soto, who hid her students safely and protected them in Newtown when a delusional teenager with Mommy's pistol murdered her and 20 grade-schoolers at Sandy Hook. Every gun buyer in America should have to speak to the parents of one of those children who didn't come home from school that day before they buy that next "toy"
 I am begging gun people of all stripes - "Grow up !!" Do something about gun deaths in this country"  If gun-owners want a better public image -  then do something about yourselves.

Same deal with athletes. You have rich spoiled professional  athletes making gazillions of dollars and acting like assholes,  beating up their women and acting like thugs when millions of emulating young eyes are on them ?  Their fellow athletes should be beatin' their ass like rugs. If athletes want a better public image - do something about yourselves.

 What an odd lot of variegated psychotics and reprobates.  I should know.  How dare they try to change the world by using sound and the way sound works on a brain. How dare they advocate peace, kindness, laughter, touch.  How dare they speak of love and music as important,  in the same moment when  the Dow Jones roars mightily down Wall Street shooting fire and lightning from it's greasy petroleum spewing  jaws. Are they daft.?

No we're not. And if you let us.  If you stop fighting and scratching and screaming  for a minute and just listen.  If you sing along. If you think about the message and try to believe in your best and the best of others,  If you clap and dance and smile with those you love and those you don't - If you can make love and not war:-), Then we can still do something about ourselves

Peace Out
"Love ya all -everybody" -(except Fed-Ex . They're  2 days late with my furnace parts - I only like them)

"Don't Take any Wooden Nickels"
"until manyana"

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