Saturday, January 10, 2015

Day 10 - T-Bone gets a visit from a Hambone

What a ride to and from Moab!!!  Last evening I hit I-70 Westbound at the Grand Junction exit right around sunset.  The sky was a brilliant cascade of pinks and orange and blue in beautifully shifting shades and depths. It was about as beautiful as anything a person would want to lay eyes on:-)

 This morning I drove back in the wee hours ( Sorta-Rican Ninja Hillbilly guitar pickers can survive for weeks on end, with little to no sleep or nourishment , by drinking their own urine and  meditating) and those incredible cerulean skies were even more brilliant and ablaze than they had been 12 hours earlier.

 I thought I had gone to Moab to play music , but come to find out I was being treated to a very private showing at the most incredible art gallery in existence. The deliciously contrasting and shifting colors made it very clear.  All the great artists of the world have painted their version of panoramic explosive skies, but none paints quite as good as the master.

Next time you're in Moab do yourself a huge favor and stop in at Woody's.  It's way more fun than you want your folks to know about:-) They sure treat me like a million bucks and I always look forward to coming back:-) When I see a dance floor full of folks shaken' a leg and having a ball right in front of me  -  That's my heaven. (It's when I sparkle:-)

I hit Palisade around 9:00 a.m. this morning, and after running the buggy through the car wash down at the Conoco, I decided to treat myself to strong coffee and some muy bueno chile verde with my pal T-bone down at the Palisade Cafe.  He owns the joint and if it's slow he'll sit down and visit with you for awhile.  If it's busy he'll still visit with you for a minute.

He works too hard, like a whole lot of business owners.  The welfare of his employees weighs heavy on his mind and he wishes he had more time with his wife.  The business works him from sun-up to sun-down.  From May to October ( the tourist season)there's not a minute to breathe, and from November to April he white-knuckles through the doldrums of winter and a clientele that dwindles to a dribble.

With the regularity of daylight he keeps showing up every day, whether anyone else does or not. He show's up because his employees and his community- the community that he invests his money, heart, and soul in daily - depend on him. He won't quit till the last minute and he won't let his community and his family down. If he has anything to say about it he never will.    Good man.

You don't get what you get at The Palisade Cafe  at Denny's - ya don't get it at Wal-Mart.  It's small businesses all across this country that look out for and serve the communities their in. We're starting to understand a lot more clearly all of the ramifications of the "Wal-Mart get-it-right-now-cheap economy" business-plan.

. If we want a prosperous economy we need to support local businesses. If we want a free America we better help each other to be free. Don't be a dick!!!! Support local businesses.

Quick reminder:  As you all know I have declared my candidacy for President of the great United States in 2016. It's gonna be a tough race, with Hillary, Mitt, Jeb, and Bernie already preparing stiff and really ugly opposition to my campaign promise to put a bouncy-house on the white House lawn,  and  to sell 10 minute rides on Air Force One.  Fuck it - we need the money for beer and pizza.

If I'm elected I promise to wear something under my bathrobe when in public most of the time, and to stop drinking vodka before noon. Other than that everything is up for grabs.  If anyone wants to sneak in any illegal campaign contributions before the deadline, don't worry - the deadline is nowhere near in sight.  Go ahead and right those checks.  We'll slush-fund the shit out of every nickel:-)

"Peace Out"
Don't take any Wooden Nickels"
"Until Manyana"

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