Saturday, January 3, 2015

Day 4 -Why You Should Vote For Me

Well Howdy Doo everyone!! And a joyous New Year to you all.  I apologize for the lapse in scheduling/delivery of our 4th and 5th installments of the "It-Ain't-over-yet" saga of a boy with a dream, and his pets.

New Years Day was a blur of wonderful fun, wonderful time with loved ones, more wonderful time with loved ones, A snowy mess of I-70 Mile markers,  a Glenwood Springs nap, and a whole lot of Farmer Bros Mini-mart caffeine to grease the wheels home.
The show in Greeley, Colorad-o-o-o-o---------  at The Mad Cow Saloon (with one Miss Emily) was superb. Very She's a frighteningly good singer and about 3/4 nuts. The other 1/4 is completely nuts. We're both about half-afraid that we're gonna get caught doin' this stuff, the other half sure hopes so:-) It's "haute-hillbilly hubcap troubadour" meets "muscle-bound badass diva" thing. We're pioneering the art form :-)
You can check us out on the inter-web (in the comfort of your own home after hours , or in  your office cubicle while the boss thinks your crankin' his whip (ride , vehicle, means of getting rich):-) at

On a personal note;   I am painfully aware that  Miss Emily is probably gonna be on more magazine covers than me. She's nicer to look at.   We all know it , so now we can stop talking about it . O.K.?  I blossom on the inside (you can hear it gurgle sometimes):-)

I digress;  again.......

I think I should get,at very least, some consideration for having preserved what's left  for this long.  I wasn't supposed to survive past 9 years old, (when I was sent to a baseball/ P.R.R.O.P. (Puerto-Rican Re-Orientation Program) camp in a gator swamp in Florida :-) The folks couldn't believe I made it all the way home - Dad actually cried! - alot.

At the 2015 New Year's Eve festivities at The Mad Cow  -Drunk Grandma did NOT so the sexy dance!!! This bodes well for the coming year.

My Sorta-Rican Trailer-Park take on the current state of affairs in The USA and at my house:

The economy is up, un-employment is down, and Sarah Bachmann is out.  Viagra sales is way up - but isn't that the point? We can now smoke Cuban cigars in Miami and Afghan Kush in Denver - legally - But if your car smokes in Denver you're getting a ticket.. Gay people can marry (so that they may finally be as disappointed as everyone else), There's a hole in the bottom of the ocean where oil comes out but BP said "we've got it" and that should be good enough for the rest of us because- They never lie-right?.

 Thanks to the vigilance of groups like the NRA, the GOP, Al Quaeda, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, The Chamber of Commerce,  and The Taliban -every American (whether they're a wack-job or not)  has the right to as many guns as they can get their hands on.  Unfortunately, firearms are now viewed more as toys than weapons that make you dead.  Yesterday in a sporting goods store, I saw a pink .38 with a 6 round clip and a smiley face on the grip. I wanted to cuddle with the damn thing.   (Now on sale;30 round clips at  Toys-R-US? )  Delbert DumbButt, can buy an camouflageed full-on  combat-ready AK-47 to take to family picnics and the mall, but kids don't have a right to trust that they will not be shot on the way to school, at school, or at home. That's flat wrong.

Have we  finally eaten enough ammonia-soaked burger and trans-fat pudding and breathed enough CBCs to have make our entire nation functionally retarded?  There's some evidence, (but we still got our sunny dispositions)
 America is, at present,  officially one of the most illiterate and under-performing countries educationally in the developed world, but we've got a mega-strong prospective employee pool for Burger-Kings worldwide to staff from.

Rich people in glass house routinely watch poor people starve beneath them and shake their heads at the callous  insensitivity and obvious sloth of the impoverished. Let them eat cake?  (I'll bet Marie Antoinette wished she would'a put some of that cake in her pie-hole before she shot off her mouth)

And the real kicker in 2015;
The Broncos probably aren't gonna make the Super Bowl...........

All of these things combined would normally paint a very bleak picture, but....fear not.

As is the case often with the all-seeing and all-knowing,   I've got a novel approach to this little conundrum we're in:  Stay tuned for the miracle

Enjoy you're day and don't forget to smile.

Manyana ( later today actually, I'm on a roll)

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