Sunday, January 11, 2015

Day 11 - Football The Wire-haired Terrier

"I stagger under the weight of this bodies limitations"

I've waited till late in the day to publish todays installment for one primary reason. Denver Broncos football. Forgive me if I might have spent the time better by perhaps mowing the sidewalk or putting up Christmas decorations. DAMN IT PEYTON!!!! WE ALL BOUGHT PIZZA FROM YOU!!!!!

In any event football has now slipped the surly bonds of my interest for another 8 months. In late August when the leaves begin to turn, my love for all things Bronco and my belief in the unseen, will once again rise from the ashes, wearing nothing but the giddy optimism of the pre-season and a barrel.

3-1/2 million people marched in Paris today in protest against extremism and violence. I wasn't there but I wish I could have been . CNN thinks it's newsworthy that Obama wasn't there.  I think it's newsworthy that CNN and Fox both think they're newsworthy

It's pretty impressive to see how many people across the world are just plain fed up with this terrorist nonsense. One of the most baffling questions in my mind at all times these days is "Why are people still doing this crap?" It's always the same end with killing - more killing, more dying. Because "that's the way it's always been" is no longer a valid excuse. Humans must decide, and quickly - how it's going to be from here forward.

We're clear out of room for hate on this planet. We're out of sustenance for hunger. We're all tired of this pall of impending doom hanging over our heads, and we all wish that death and pain would go somewhere else for awhile. We all want the needless suffering of innocents to stop. We all hope that someone will make the worry stop. We all wish.

Today I am grateful for the family and friends I have like never before. In our family, in my extended family, with my friends, and in the faces of the people I see when I perform - love is the only exchange - the only currency that really means a damn thing. The rest is just noise.

Tomorrow I'm going to the V.A. Hospital here in Grand Junction to begin setting up a music program for the Vets there. I don't know what you poor folks have to do tomorrow but I can bet I'm gonna have more fun than 99% of the rest of you.

The Vets deserve a helluva lot better shake than they've gotten through the years and even still today. They're some of my favorite people on this earth and I am constantly aware of 2 things A.) I would not have this life I enjoy so very much today if it weren't for Veterans who shed their blood and died protecting this country, and, B.) I have 2 sons that are/were military. They're both safe and well and in one piece; and I am eternally grateful to the bottom of my soul. I know that not all soldiers parents are as fortunate as I am.

This week I play in Grand Junction at the Ale House on Wednesday, at The Wine Country Inn in Palisade on Thursday, in Greeley with Miss Emily at The Mad Cow on Friday, and again with Miss Emily at The Glenn in Northglenn on Saturday.  It's gonna be a busy week with lots of running and lots of new opportunities to smart-off all over the state. If your an irate jihadist, Sarah Palin, or one of my ex-wives, and you're aiming;  I'd certainly recommend a good 10x or better scope and about 2 feet of lead on the crosshairs.

Today's award for the oddest thing I've run into all day was an article posted on her Facebook page, of which I am a follower, by a dear feminist sorta-hippie friend of mine regarding "Vaginal Steaming. "

"HuH" you say as you scratch your pate in consternation??? I did it too. There ain't a man alive that isn't gonna tip his head in confused ponderance over the very notion. "You mean ......vaginas-vaginas"?? "What for"?

On first hearing this term may startle, and even alarm, both men and women alike, but upon further investigation there seems to be some merit in this most delicate of regimens. "How So", you query, could such a steamy notion be of benefit? Well fella's - here it is. The next time the little Mrs. comes home from $200 at the spa, and your remark on how soft and smooth and flawless the radiantly glowing skin of her beautiful face is; Just look at her and think back on this moment, and ask yourselves - "Which would you rather nuzzle up to"? "That"-- or a wire-haired terrier?

"Peace Out"
"Don't Take Any Wooden Nickels"
Until Manyana

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