Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day 15 - Coyote Chimichangas, Innovation, and Old Friends

Buenos Dias from Red Knuckle Ranch. Today we have prairie dogs as big as chickens right outside our back door, and: fresh from the 4-wheeler - Coyote Chimichangas sizzling on the grill - they barbecue up real nice:-)

It's 7:a.m. and I believe I may have broken the internet: It appears that I have squeezed every ounce of shitty entertainment available out of both Hulu and Amazon Prime - and still my hunger lies - unquenched.

Tawdry entertainment on a 15" screen is my weakness. Where illicit drugs have failed - internet cable providers have prevailed - and with truly devastating results. I'm now nearly brain-dead, and have actually drooled on myself while watching a movie about poisonous tree-frogs. It's bad. In all fairness, I was a little drunk and it was pretty late. I wish my sofa had a urinal in it. I digress:-)

The gigs this weekend with Miss Emily were just "nutso" cool fun. Damn dat girl is good at what she does. She sings like Etta oughtta', and she's funnier than a bucket of monkeys. I've never seen her repair a transmission, wrestle hogs, or pour concrete before, but I have to say: I don't think it's gonna be a big deal if she can't. She's top notch, even without the domestic skills that all us fellas around the clubhouse have grown to really cherish in a single-wide women:-)

I love my work, and I love to travel, but it is somewhat difficult to compose this blog on the days when I'm out there on the highway somewhere. I've got to figure out how to make that work better. Denny's is my first thought for a game plan. They're everywhere and they have wi-fi. I could write the blog at Denny's; And with the money I save on the $2 menu - after 28 days, I can afford a quadruple-bypass and emergency removal of 5 gallons of sausage gravy from my sputtering colon. The Grand Slam.

Saturday night Emily and I played at a nice little club in Northglenn called "The Glenn" . Very cool and friendly neighborhood joint. We were knockin' it down pretty good. Miss Emily was doing handstands on the rafters with that giant voice of hers; when in walks none other than Jim Mason along with his lovely wife Mary Ann and another of my old songwriting compadres, Kyle Norwine and his guest.

Jim is an old and dear friend. We hit it off from the minute we said hello nearly 30 years ago. He was a big influence on me musically. He was one of the first guys to ever trust me in a recording studio. Jim and I have seen each other through some nasty skirmishes (domestic turbulence in both houses and the 80's-90's basically), and made some pretty darned cool recordings together along the way.

He's is an incredibly talented and well-known Platinum-selling, repeat-offending record producer and songwriter; producing Firefall, Poco, Peter,Paul & Mary, Noel Stuckey, Richie Furay, etc. He also penned the iconic "I Dig Rock & Roll Music" for the Mamas & The Papas, back in the day. The man's got more gold records on his wall than I have grease rings in my bathtub most Friday nights, and still he remains my friend. How lucky am I?

After all these years it was such a kind blessing to look a man that I respect that deeply, square in the eyes and sing a smile onto his welcoming face. It's been too long since we spent time together , since we even talked, and that's my fault. There is an ease and familiarity that always rests among people of the same tribe. No matter how long they're gone or how far they travel. Jim Mason and I are of the same tribe. His smile is pretty darn easy to smile back at.

Elvis, June Carter , and I, hit I-70 westbound about 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning and headed for home. We stopped for a snooze in Georgetown and another in Vail. Pee breaks in No Name, Parachute, and Debeque. We got back to the trailer about 9:00 a.m, rested and ready for ........another nap. These days after a couple days of driving and gigging, it takes a few hours in my own bed for the flattened-out spot on my ass to re-inflate.

Yesterday was a dizzying flurry of inactivity. The sofa was my home for much of the day and I only communicated with the dogs in grunts and hand gestures until late afternoon.Accomplished absolutely nothing, save the "sofa-urinal" concept. At least the day was not a complete loss.

I vow to make this day more productive than the last. (It's good to keep expectations low in the early hours)

I do intend to go and visit my friend Joey O'Neill today. The man suffers, and I mean suffers, with a debilitating circulatory disease that chokes the veins in his legs and arms horribly, causing him constant severe pain. When you ask him how he's doing it's always the same answer; a sideways smile and - " I'm good man" "Just hangin' in".

There are a lot of folks around us now in all sorts of pain, in so many states of suffering. "Just hangin' in" for somebody living in physical torment, is not to be taken lightly. Those are strong souls that must constantly walk through their own pain, before they can begin to do all the things all the rest of us take for granted. Recognize that please? These folks have to run marathons just to get to the starting line. We owe it to them and to each other, to show some love . We only become better as a whole when we do.

Joey O has the soul of a gladiator and I'm humbled just to know him. He's back in the hospital again, room # 339 at St. Mary's, and I know he could use a visit. If you're in the neighborhood today, stop by and say hi. You'll meet a man with the heart of a lion.

"sunny side up/rubber side down"

Thursday night I will be slingin' and swingin' at Thunderstruck Mountain in Grand Junction, and Friday I'll be hangin' with my pal T-Bone at The Palisade Cafe for an Arkansas-.inspired evening of grits & grins. Saturday the pups and I head for Crested Butte and Montanya Distillers, followed by The Sweet Spot on Sunday afternoon.

It's gonna be a busy week out here at the trailer. By the time I get done repairing the hot water heater and the blow-up doll, dumping the grey-water, and brushing my teeth, - it's gonna be time to kiss the horse, saddle up Little Red, and hit the road again

I'll have more observations later..I'm pondering this very instant. This generally takes awhile so please be patient:-).

"Peace Out"
"Don't take any wooden nickels"
Until Manyana

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