Sunday, December 18, 2016

This One Oughtta Piss Somebody Off

Lemme tell you about my night!!

Bubba can't read!!!!.....or count......or wipe his ass in the right direction. Bubba is a fuggin' idiot with the IQ of a philodendron. Bubba can't even spell the word "ethically" - let alone live that way. - with integrity or dignity. He frequently lies through his teeth to get what he thinks he wants, and constantly blames all his problems on everyone but himself. Bubba manhandles his women. Bubba is a Trump supporter.

I got to see some of those Trumpeting rocket scientists first-hand last night. Played background music for a Xmas party in Rifle for an oil drilling outfit. It was a Donald Trump love fest. Just about closing time one of the drunken attendees - a big gomer-lookin' MoFo with trouble written all over his face - obviously well-respected by his peers - decided to drag his inebriated wife across the bar in front of me by the neck while she screamed for him to stop. Hurting her. I came up off my chair as soon as I realized what was happening.

It took me a minute. I couldn't believe it. I hollered at him to stop as I started frantically pulling my monitor lines off, dropping my guitar, and stepping over cords to go after the fuck. They were out the door in about 3 shakes and gone before I could get my shit together to untangle..
In a room full of mostly men - I am appalled to think that I was the only person that seemed to have a problem with a women getting her ass kicked in public by a man 3 times her size. His shithead friends decided that I was the bad guy, they started shutting me down. Telling me to "let it go" - it was okay because "she's drunk" and "he's her husband".

The barmaid told me she had called the cops but I never saw any. Just tail-lights squealing out of the parking lot with the pedal to the floor. I'm livid this morning, and worried for that woman well being. I don't care what her situation is, or what she said or did. . Only a coward POS worthless gutless fuck puts his hand on a woman. .
I'm getting more and more irascible with age. I don't have any tolerance left for people that put their hands on women, kids, or critters. Those aren't human beings - just plant food waiting to happen.

I had a lot of respect for people in the oil patch - until last night. 20 "hard-working American heroes" stood by and watched a women get brutalized and drug through a bar against her will - and never said a word.. My Dad worked in the oil patch. He was a wife-beater. I guess I should have figured it out quicker.

If you work in the oil-patch and this pisses you off - good. Do something about yourselves. Do something about the trash in your house that likes to beat up women and make you all look like idiot gorillas. Act like men.

I have no idea what happened to that woman last night, but I'm gonna find out who her husband is. I'll keep y'all posted. Women need to know who to look out for -and men of character need to know what POS to look for.

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