Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I Would Like To Formally Lodge A Complaint -and it's a Ass Whuppin offense

Okay- so here's my beef with the new big Cheetoh in Washington.  Women.

As most of you know, I was raised by a teenage single Mom and my solid-as-stone country Granny. Both with a head full of dreams...... for me. Screwy old gals - funny as hell and tough as a bucket of hammers. Good to the core and challenged every step of the way.

Moms greatest accomplishment - and the unending testament to her saint-like patience - her true deep, dear love for her only son- is that she did not drown me in my sleep on any one of the numerous occasions when she had the chance and plenty of good reason.

Mom didn't have it easy for a single day that I can ever remember. Worked her ass off waiting tables , driving trucks, schoolhouses, cleaning houses, tending bar, or whatever it took to keep the bacon on the table.

She fought with her own demons - booze and loneliness. single parenthood, The futility and chastising judgements and sideways whispers of the 'proper " Christian community - abundant as tumbleweeds blowing through our  west Nebraska cowtown in the 1960s. She had a few ex-husbands.  She liked weddings I guess.  Not a one of 'em was worth the the paper they wiped their asses with. Redneck booze-soaked shit-howdy reprobates who thought women were cattle.

I saw first-hand, way too many times, the kind of shithead that treats women like property.  Who degrades them, who refer to women as bitch, sow, whore, and worse. The kind of man that insisted she have no voice and no choice. A man like a Donald Trump.  Insulting, rude, conniving, lying, accusatory,  etc. Completely assured of his own right to subjugate anyone physically weaker or in any way dependent upon him. Assured of his own divinely-placed superiority over every one he sees and all they own.

 How in the hell does a person explain this to your daughters or grand-daughters; that the little boy who shoves her into the closet in grade school and sticks his hand up her dress, or the teenager who ignores "no" - and assaults or rapes her against her will - or the man who grabs her ass in a bar or club like she's meat,  or says vulgar things to her or about her in passing,  with complete disrespect - may someday be the president.  "Why Honey" - "Maybe if you're lucky you'll get knocked up by one of these fine boys"

Normalizing the assault or brutalization of women is at least a 250 year slide backward by any metric of civility in human behavior. Normalizing Trumps "Grab her Pussy" philosophy as a laissez faire event is a serious mistake in judgement. It is condoning brutality on a scale that is no different than the broad-scale uneducated ignorance of the Dark Ages.

Have you ever heard the sound a 2" leather belt with a rodeo buckle makes when it hits a woman flesh - when it cuts into her  and splits the skin on her cheekbone? The sharp wet millisecond smack of a closed-fist knockout punch connecting with her bloody crying face. The intensity and agonizing crescendo and fade of her screams as she's punched and violated. raped and humiliated,   The frantic,  angry rage as she tries to get away - as she pleads for the terror to stop.  Have you ever seen hair in handfuls - your own -with bloody bits of scalp still attached?  Smelled whisky vomit from a racist murderous raging drunk - and the flat dark odor of your own blood - your own and your crying, beaten mothers' - lots of it?

You never forget it.   You can never excuse it. The rhetoric, the action, the upbringing, the character - whatever it is that coalesces to make up someone of this cancerous disgusting ilk - can never be tolerated for an instant.

12 women came forward with allegations of groping, sexual misconduct, and in the case of a 12 year old- rape.  The dumbass was filmed on National TV describing his technique for getting to know women.  That's plenty enough for me.  I wanna puke on the sorry son-of-a-bitch.

I'm an old man now.  Cranky and irascible - too tired and too smart to believe that the bullshit I'm being fed on an all-too regular basis is caviar. I'm an irritation and a confoundment to my children and a constant stream of left-turns and amazing contradictions to my friends. I have more confessions to make than a catholic hooker.  Worthless by damn near every stretch.  Thank God I sing good and make folks giggle occasionally.  Those are just about my only redeeming virtues.

I've always loved women.  Probably more than I was supposed to:-) Some of 'em loved me back but I haven't always been good about taking it.  I've got more ex-wives, girlfriends, dalliances, and bad-end stories about relationships than Carters got liver pills - (which is surprisingly to my credit - for someone so aesthetically "challenged" :-)

That said; I don't think a single woman I've ever been with or been in the company of has ever had to fear for anything more tangible or grave than her sanity or public standing - The thought of raising a hand to a women or violating a woman is not an option - never has been.  (I can drive the majority of women certifiable "scratch yer ass and holler at the paper boy" batshit nuts in under a week most times though without really even trying).

If and when I see violence against women or children in my presence,  I am not at all above punching' a  UtherFucker right in the lip, takin' a coffee pot to their head, or a Buick to their kneecaps. Generally making' a scene.  I got no tolerance for it.  To me these imitation humans are just speed bumps waiting to happen.

 I'm not proud of what I'm about to confess, but I have once or twice had the pleasure of spending the night in a jail cell.  Nothing too serious, but I do know that there are some things that are damn well worth it.  Smacking kiddy-diddlers, women-beaters, and rapists till they spit up Play-Doh and nickels,  and cease to make breathing noises - is one of them.  I'm praying right now that God will forgive me for what I think about doing to them.

Violence, in any degree, psychological or physical,  directed at a woman by a man,  is an unacceptable paradigm.  I don't tolerate it.  Don't perpetrate it, and I don't condone it  - especially by sitting on my lips when the President-Elect of MY country - the one I grew up believing in and counting on to do the right thing in the end - says about his own documented history of sexual assault and languaging is "no big deal - really".  I don't accept it - Not for a minute.

IMHO Donald J. Trumps ought have his powder-puffed ass racked and whipped pink every morning at 8 o clock sharp, just because the sun came up - in retribution for any number of offenses, and just to make me feel good.   (I'm a sick sum'bitch - I know) For Fomenting hatred and fear, castigating dead American war heroes, POWs, our military, handicapped people, people of color, etc.   All of it.

 His sins are many and his stand with women  may be  only one facet of this cat's putrification; But for this cowboy, the cavalier language and assault of women - that's the one the makes me stop, close my eyes, and shudder - in waves of long-smoldering, raging hatred.  God forgive me. It makes me remember.

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