Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 27 - Be my Valentine??????

Miss Emily and I played an incredibly fun show at The Palisade Brewing Company last Saturday night for a special Valentine's Day celebration.  She was singing' like she invented the stuff, and If I do say so myself - I was having a pretty good night on the box as well. It was a wonderful evening and a packed house.  SO many folks had called ahead to ask about reservations before we even got there, that we knew it was going to be a fun night.  That was an understatement.

Husbands and wives, and boyfriends and girlfriends, and girl-friends and girl-friends, and all manner of  folks came out to celebrate their sweethearts.  It impressed me.  It also scared me a little.

Love is tough stuff. It rarely goes well but we continue to reach for it anyway.  It's a need. We fall for it every time:-)

On our good days, we're all  optimistic about love, and our intentions are nothing but the best.  That doesn't mean we can all juggle chainsaws and do long math.  Some car wrecks happen at under 0 mph and last for years. That said - we all want it.  We need it like air - to survive - to be complete.  To make our story whole.

As a repeat-offender (multiply-wed???) and multiple award-winner (4 children) - I feel fully qualified to share some observations and notes from my time "in the trenches".  To this day I've never actually left the trenches so this is all current information - "boots on the ground" stuff.

Love is where the magic and flavor of life are built - somewhere between the left ventricle of the heart, the right synapse of the brain, the farthest star in heaven,  and the deepest pangs of desire. Just the act of caring for another human being changes everything. It's the best thing since sunshine but it's no picnic.

Love is blind and kinda dumb - believes about anything.  Love is foolish, love is courageous, love is forgiving, Love talks shit when it's drunk and will cut your junk off in the night if you piss it off.

Love has absolutely no sense of direction, very little common-sense, and possesses a razor-sharp intuition.

Love is a slow-kid lost in a library of scientific journals and 500 page accounting reports. It's naiveté is both it's saving grace and it's achilles heel.

Love is messy - it wears a white tuxedo and eats chocolate cake with it's hands. It's "hair in the food" and "stains in the drain". It's indoor mud-wrestling in a space no larger than a heart.

Love is inappropriate -It smokes cigars in church and farts out loud at the opera. Love can spot a fool a mile away, but that don't mean it don't like that sort of thing???

Love will stand down a battalion - it will stare down a grizzly . It will stand on a chair if it sees a mouse???

It comes to you requiring forgiveness from the very first moment.  Firstly forgiveness of yourself for ever doubting that heaven was hearing all of your silent lonely longings to begin with -   and then secondly and sadly, forgiveness of your lover for the very things that attracted you to them from the outset.

If your "sweet-thing"is wearing' some hot little red number that got you all hot & bothered "back when" to the grocery store - fellas - You ain't havin' that baloney and you're wondering' who is.

All that waving' her finger back and forth at you and shakin her head side to side like a bobble-head doll - telling you how things "better" be - putting her hands on her hips and starin' you down like a bad puppy;  All the stuff you thought that was so damn sexy back when.  Whadda ya think now?

 Mechanically challenged - you thought that so endearing back when.  Now, smoke comes out of your radio and  when you close your eyes you see a sad procession of blinking red engine  lights reflecting in piles of $100 dollar bills -  that your beloved is lighting on fire in a complete catatonic gaze, as if possessed ……….. with your lighter.

Love thinks about you when you're not around.  Love misses you like air when you're gone.  Love makes you want to try when you can't find any more reason of your own.

Love beats you up and love heals you.  Never smoothly - never appropriately or comfortably - always un-timely and always on time.

Love has no idea what time it is - It sure knows it's address. It can find you in the darkest room at the farthest end of the universe.  It can leave you there in longing.  Love can define you to a T, but you could never to hope to define it in a million years.

Love has a real long memory and a short fuse - It can disappear like smoke - It can run like hell - it can stand like the Pyramids for 1000 years.

Love will give you no peace.  It will whisper in your ear - loudly, softly, urgently, gently - reminding -every moment, every day for the rest of your life;  "You need me"

And finally; Love holds your hand with trembling fingers - shares the heartbroken sting of your aching tears - and with it's last breath - whispers "I will wait for you"

"Peace Out"
"Don't take any wooden nickels"


  1. I love your words, the pictures were extra special today! I love you!



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